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Overhead Door Installation for garages and commercial buildings by Doormaster.

Overhead Garage doors are sectional exterior doors that provide an entrance for automobiles into the house structure by rolling-up on tracks to the ceiling of the garage. 

Garage door repair, Greenfield garage Door repair, Milwaukee Garage door repair, Milwaukee Garage doorsProudly serving the Milwaukee area, we are your best resource for attractive and functional Garage Doors in Milwaukee, Greenfield and surrounding areas.  Garage door installation for your home or business done by professionals and a company with over 30 years experience.  We understand that your time is valuable, so we will work around your schedule to quickly and efficiently deliver you a brand new garage door. We offer reasonable rates and memorable customer service. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as giving us a call. You’ll speak with a courteous, knowledgeable professional to work out a custom plan just for you. We are always open, so we are available for all your garage door needs, anytime.

We are locally owned and operated, so we treat every project as if we were doing the work on our own homes. Our courteous, careful professionals can install a new garage door, replace an old one, or work out the problems an existing door might have. If you’re not sure about something, we’re here to answer all your questions and offer you an estimate completely free. There are no obligations, so call us to speak with a Milwaukee Garage Door specialist today!

Garage Doors, Garage door replacement, Garage Door Installation, Milwaukee. GreenfieldMilwaukee Residential Garage Door Installation and Repair

Doormaster Garage Door Co., LLC

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Milwaukee Commercial Garage Doors – Loading Docks

garage door repair, garage door replacement, Milwaukee, Greenfield, Commercial, residential

You can trust, turn to Doormaster Garage Door Co, LLC.  We offer the highest level of customer service and quality brand name Commercial garage doors and loading dock doors for all of your business applications.  Doormaster is a full-service, family owned and operated Commercial garage door installation, Commercial garage door service and Commercial garage door repair company serving Milwaukee, Southeastern Wi and Genoa Ill

Commercial Garage Doors

Loading Dock Shelters

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Frozen Garage Door? Try This

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Is your Garage door frozen?  With the current thaw we are feeling right now, a quick blast of cold can quickly freeze your garage door.  Here are some ideas to help get it open.


Check for any broken parts or anything obstructing the door or the track.  Then check to be sure your door isn’t locked.

Disengage the door from the opener using the Manual Release cord.  Now, give it a try by lifting it manually dislodging any ice from the weather seal  and the ground.

If that doesn’t work, bring out a hair dryer and use minimum heat.  Go back and forth over the icy sections and try and melt it away.  Again, keep it on the low setting.


  • Chipping the ice away, taking care not to damage the bottom seal.
  • Applying rock salt or hot salt water if temperatures exceed 10 degrees F., bearing in mind that you’ll need to completely clean the bottom section and seal after freeing the door in order to avoid corrosion.
  • If you are not in a rush, you can try melting the ice with a space heater. It will probably take all day and require periodic supervision.

If all else fails, give us a call

Garage Doors, Garage door replacement, Garage Door Installation, MilwaukeeDoormaster Garage Door Co., LLC
5441 W Coldspring Rd
Greenfield, Wi 53220
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